Write a research paper about religions and rituals in Puerto Rico.

3page paper is due at 10:59pm tonight research paper on religions and rituals in Puerto Rico

Cover page.  Here you will place the title of the paper, the course number and name, and the semester and year. Do not forget to put your own name on the paper and to number the pages.

2. Abstract.  A summary of the entire paper in 100 -150 words on a separate page following the title page. (use the page-break function of your word processor.

3.  Body of the paper.  This is your report on the religion of the culture you studied and begins on a separate page. You must use in-text citation for all of the information in the report and especially for every quotation you use.  You must be sure that in writing your paper, the words you use are your own (and not those of the people whose work you consulted) or quotations from the works you consulted.  It should include the following parts:

a. Background. In this section, you introduce your culture, its location, population, language, culture area, and other relevant information that gives an overall description of the society.  This should consist of 1-e paragraphs.  (Please, NO PAGE-LONG PARAGRAPHS!)

b. Basic Description of the Religion.  In 1-3 paragraphs, give a general description of the nature of the religion of the society you have studied. What sort of religion (religions) does this society have studied. What sort of religion (religions) does this society have? Is it animistic, animatistic, etc.? Be sure to include a description of the key beliefs entailed in this religion.

c. Rituals. Describe at least two basic religious rituals practiced in this society. Describe these in some detail using native words (and translating them) if required. 

d. Other connections. Describe the ways in which this religion interfaces with other parts of the society. What role does gender play in this religion? How is religion integrated into the social life of this society? Does religion play a part in subsistence? Politics? The legal system?

4. References Cited.  This section begins on a new page.  It should follow the MLA style guide or the APA. Points will be deducted if you do not follow your style guide consistently.


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