Write a reflection essay on White Privilege, Racism, White Denial and The Cost of Inequality by Tim Wise

Reflection Essay on White Privilege, Racism, White Denial and The Cost of Inequality by Tim Wise
There are guidelines for the reflection essay that should be an original work on two or more pages written in paragraph format, double spaced, 12 inch font in New Times Roman, and MLA format. You will:
Include a proper heading with the title of the video or text, your full name, class, and date.
Demonstrate your understanding of the video or text’s content, purpose and reflect on its significance.
Include an introduction, detailed body of paragraphs with main ideas/themes, and your reflection. (thoughts, analysis, etc.) and conclusion.
Include the citation of the video.
Formulate one or more questions. (optional)
This essay will demonstrate the experiential reflection question of What? So What? And Now What? Summarizing the text or video (What?) should only be a preface to the real work of the paper. Discussing the significance of the content (So What?) and the actual or hypothetical application of the comments of the text to your understanding and application today’s African American community and American society is the core of the reflection. (Now What?) What are the implications? A paper might discuss the main ideas/themes, and new information that you encountered and then discuss the use and value of specific content from this text or video.
Questions to ask yourself as you are taking notes on the text or video and to remember as you reflect on the text:
Did the author bring out any controversial, relevant, or otherwise noteworthy information?
How do the issues or ideas brought up in this text or video align with or contact with past readings, teachings, or your experiences?
Did the author or speaker fail to address some relevant issues?
Does the text or video challenge you racially, culturally, socially, or economically?
Has the text or video changed or challenged your way of thinking about the topic/current issues?
Does the text or video leave you with any questions as to your role, responsibility, or other?
This paper is expected to be original and your own work. If you incorporate quotations or material from the text, video or other sources, it must be cited as such using an appropriate format such as MLA/APA.
Essays will be graded on the depth of the reflection, the way you incorporate both text or video’s information, and your effectiveness of the written communication (revise and edit essay for mechanical and grammatical errors). Write in paragraph format; detailed paragraphs. Please see the Writing Center for support in revising and editing your essay. This essay is worth 25 points.

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