Write a paper on the mining industry as a whole and how they manage employee safety.

In recent years, a number of coal-miners have suffered severe accidents at the hands of their employers. Your paper will deal with the mining industry as a whole, and how they manage employee safety. In your paper, you should discuss the following:

  • The mining industry
  • The accidents you read about
  • How was safety ensured before the accidents; how is safety ensured now
  • How does the US compare in safety to other countries with mining industries
  • What are the ethics involved
  • What is the history of government involvement; what is it now
  • Should liability rest with the employee instead of the employer
  • Anything else you find that is interesting


  • At least five pages in length
  • Double-spaced
  • Times New Roman (12) font
  • One-inch margins all around
  • Follow APA style
  • Please do NOT copy and paste from the internet – all information cited will be verified
  • Plagiarized papers will earn a 0, with no opportunity for making it up
  • You need at least 5 sources of information.  Please cite all references as to where you obtained the information provided.

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