Write a 500 word double spaced paper on Guernica by Picasso.

Write a 500 word double spaced paper on Guernica by Picasso. Use the movie, library and online research to assist you with this paper. Structure the paper as follows:

Introduce Guernica and give a brief history of the work and why he painted it. Next, talk about the formal and conceptual part of the painting and answer the following questions:

  • Why do you think Picasso chose the color, lines and shapes that he did?
  • How do these visual elements contribute to the strength of the political message?
  • What figures did he include and how did he depict them? (for example, why include a mother and child? a dying soldier? a horse? a bull?)
  • How might these figures be symbolic to Picasso both personally and politically?

Lastly, talk about the reaction of the work personally and regarding his contemporaries:

  • What did Picasso‚Äôs contemporaries say about Guernica?
  • How does the painting make you feel?

Please site your work using APA or MLA style. I have included a page on canvas to assist you with this aspect of the paper. (If you use the video you need to cite the video)

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