What is experimental and non experimental research give example


Please answer all questions pertaining to psychology. Provided references at least 100 words. Make sure the full question is before each answer. Assignment due thursday april 27th


1.What makes Bad or Good Evaluating Research Questions and Hypotheses

2.Pose a variety of good and bad research questions. 3 ea

3.Discuss what makes questions good or bad and how the bad ones can be improved.


4. Discuss what makes good or bad hypotheses.


5. Define the words below as relate to psychology and Discuss how different people in may have had different ideas about these definitions–how one variable can be defined in different ways.


  • Intelligence
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Personality
  • Depression
  • Happiness
  • Health

    6. What is research.?

    7. What is experimental and non experimental research give example

    8. When trying to decide which scientific method to use when exploring a question, what is the best rule of thumb to go by?


    9. What is the The Relationship Between Independent and Dependent Variables


    10. Why is the null hypothesis always a statement of equality? Why can the research hypothesis take on many different forms? Ch 2



    11. What are some potential advantages to reading peer-reviewed journal articles instead of relying on information obtained through other online sources such as Wikipedia? What are some potential advantages to using Wikipedia? Ch 3



    12. Why good sampling may be the most important step in any research project. How big is big enough? ch4

    13. Why measurement is an important part of the research process • What the process of measurement includes ch 5


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