What does Culturally Relevant Pedagogy mean to you?


but that’s just good teaching the case for culturally relevant pedagogy by Gloria Ladson-Billings


too young for the marches but I remember these drums recommended pedagogies for hip hop based education and youth students by Bettina L. Love


Write a 3-4 pages paper,  including 3 parts: 1.Demonstrating comprehension, explaining the understanding of key terms from the readings. 2.Applying the reading, relates the reading to personal experiences and/or provides an example that illustrates key points. 3.Articulating a critical analysis, considers how the new information learned will affect their future teaching practices.


Guiding Question:

1.What does Culturally Relevant Pedagogy mean to you?

2.What does “color blind” teaching mean and what are the consequences of it in education?

3. What are the traits that a critical pedagogue, Culturally relevant pedagogue, Reality pedagogue, and culturally sustaining pedagogue (and Critical Race pedagogue) need in order to be successful educators?

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