What are the internal and external drivers for change at the Texas Plant?

Analyzing and integrating Leadership Theories
For this Critical Thinking assignment, you will use the following case study. Although the original focus of this case study was designed for junior- or senior-level undergraduate or first-year graduate courses, as noted in the case description, for this assignment you will be addressing questions that are specifically designed to align with all of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program outcomes.
Pryor, M. G., Humphreys, J. H., & Taneja, S. (2011). Transforming the Texas plant. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 17(7), pp. 111-120.
Begin your well-written paper with a short overview of the case study. After providing an overview of the case study, write an assessment of the case that addresses the following questions:
What are the internal and external drivers for change at the Texas Plant?
What type of leadership and communication style did David exhibit when hiring Paula? What could he have done differently? What type of team dynamic did David create by placing Paula in a direct reporting line to Harvey? How did Paula’s and Harvey’s decisions and actions affect the team dynamic?
If you were a consultant brought into the Texas Plant, what advice would you give David, Paula, and Harvey, given the challenges they face, as to the next steps needed? If you were a member of this staff, what would be some of your concerns from an organizational ethics and trust perspective?
In your assessment, discuss specific leadership concepts and theories as they relate to organizational transformation, organizational leadership, communication, strategic management, and high-performance teams.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 900 words
Include at least three peer-reviewed sources to support your discussion.

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