What are Central, Less Central, and Peripheral Beliefs?

“Beyond Our Differences” Movie Analysis

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_MZB9ka4VA (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。


25 Points

Due: Friday May 12 Via Canvas by 11:59 pm

*Please note: Your responses to questions 1 +2 will be based on Key Terms from Chapter 4 of your text*

As you watch the film, “Beyond Our Differences”, you should take extensive notes regarding all of the class elements that you see discussed. You will see various terms and concepts from previous chapters, as well as prominent ideas from Chapter 4: Cultural Patterns. These notes will be used to write your response to the questions as well as for class discussion throughout the rest of the quarter.


  1. The film tells us that all religions hold some similar beliefs.

a.) What are Central, Less Central, and Peripheral Beliefs?

b.) Give an example of a belief that the film tells us can be seen through all of the world’s religions.

c.) Based on the film, how can certain foundational religious beliefs help to strengthen our world and cultures?


2.) What is one of the prominent values that the film tells us all religions hold?

a.) Define valence and intensity.

b.) Give at least one example of a value in the film and it’s valence and intensity to a certain religion (you should use the speaker’s and their opinions as guidance, as well as the quotations on the screen)


3.) Discuss your favorite element of this film in detail.

a.) What speaker had the most insight regarding the world’s religions?

b.) How did this film help you to understand the many similarities that all religions hold?

c.) Give your opinion about how the ideas expressed in this film can help us to discuss religion and culture while gaining communication competence.


I expect this assignment to be between 2-3 pages. Including your opinions and MULTIPLE examples from the film is vital. You should be BOLDING terms from the text as you define them AND including page numbers.

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