Take an issue of cultural importance in regards to the Internet today and examine it in a 7 page paper through the lens of history.


Final Paper (20%): The students will each take an issue of cultural importance in regards to the Internet today and examine it in a 7 page paper through the lens of history. They will breakdown the issue in terms of: • What is the issue? • Who does it concern? • What is it’s historical context? • Why it is important? • What implications does it have for the future? INTD 245 | 6 • How has the issue evolved over time? • Why is this issue of cultural importance? • What is your position on the matter? The paper must be both analysis of the issue, utilizing cited references, as well as a defense of their position on the matter. This is a research paper, not an opinion piece, so the purpose is to explore the topic and draw conclusions from facts obtained in your research. Start with a question, do your research, make a thesis statement and create a paper that is a detailed exploration of your question and your position on the subject. It is best to pick a topic you are truly concerned with, while allowing the research to guide your paper, rather than allowing your initial opinion to be the sole guide.


Final Project (30%): The final project is to consist of a basic website hand coded in HTML and CSS for both mobile and desktop platforms. The site needs to be designed to communicate content of the students choosing. For example, it can be a product/company, social media site, portfolio site, blog, or project site (game/music/art). Be creative and have fun designing and building it. In addition, the students will design a social media presence taking into consideration the best usage of each platform as well as hashtags/keywords that will target their audience. The social media presence can be described in a 1 page proposal breaking down their approach, it does not need to be live. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), must be put into place in the web site using the best practices discussed in class. Students will be graded on: • effective communication • design • usability/accessibility • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • cleanliness/elegance of code • code commenting • functionality • web/desktop layouts • typography • social media presence • In essence, both form and function At midterm, a design and style guide must be complete including: logo, font choices, layout, and color scheme, content, and social media presence concepts. The design can be done in Photoshop/Gimp (raster) or Illustrator/Inkscape (vector) *preferred, and must be included in a 1 page document describing the target audience, content, and initial thoughts on social media presence. The final social media presence proposal document is due at finals



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