Produce a report, assessing the importance of Cloud technology in running and making your business a success.

Every organisation is now adapting to the changes in the environment and technology.  There is a need to embrace technology and analyse how technology can change or improve the operations and services of the organisation.

As an individual, you need to select a specific business enterprise that uses information systems to operate the business and carry out the following task. The selected business enterprise must be agreed with the Lecturer in the first 3 weeks of the start of the semester.

You are required to produce a report, assessing the importance of Cloud technology in running and making your business a success. Your report should typically include:1- Executive summary (maximum 200 words)

2- Introduction: The industry profile of the business organisation that you have chosen and its product(s) and/or services. (600 words)

3- Analysis: Identify and analyse different types of cloud technologies used in general and their importance to the selected business in specific. (1400 words)

4- Conclusion: the main conclusions/recommendations, drawn from the analysis provided. (300 words)

References:  Listing of all 
 must be provided in Harvard style.

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