Is Donald Trump breaking the law to the point that he should be impeached?

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Is Donald Trump breaking the law to the point that he should be impeached?
Graham, D.A. The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A cheat sheet. The Atlantic’s Politics and Policy Daily Journal, (2017)
Graham David works at the Beetle Production Limited in the United Kingdom. He is a renowned award-winning speaker, trainer, actor, presenter and author of various books.
In his article, David acknowledges President Trump as not just a private citizen, but he explains that by him being in power does not make him a free person of the controversies that might have dogged him during his tenure as a private citizen. David explains Zervos as one of the women who accused Trump of sexual assault before the election. The article does not only handle sexual assault against Trump only by Zervos, but it also looks into other sexual assaults cases that were levied against Trump by numerous women during his campaigning period. Additionally, the article looks into other scandals that had previous touched on Trump during his tenure as a private citizen. Some of these scandals were; Racial House Discriminations, undocumented Polish workers, tenant intimidations, Trump University Scandal amongst others.
Twohey, M. & Barbaro, M. “Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately.” The New York Times Oct. 2016
Megan Twohey and Barbaro Michael are two journalists who are working with the New York Times as national political reporters. They write articles on topics that touch on the political atmosphere within the United States of America.
Megan and Michael’s article looks on the sexual assaults cases against Trump that were being raised during his presidential campaign. The article talks about Jessica Leeds, a 74-year-old woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Trump 45 years ago while they bordered a first class cabin to New York. A similar assault case is reported by Rachael Crook. Both Michael and Megan explain that Trump rejected such accusations as useless as none of them ever took place even though Ms. Taggart one of the other women she also assaulted provides a tape in which the voice of Trump is heard bragging about how he has kissed Ms. Taggart.
Article by Megan and Michael shares a lot with other articles that touches on the issue of assault by Trump on some women. Though the article does bring to light the accusations by both Leeds and Crooks but all does not come as a surprise to many Americans.

Nikole, H.J. “Trump’s Inconvenient Racial Truth.” The New Times Magazine Dec(2016)
Nikole Hannah-Jones, alumni of the University of North Carolina, works at ProPublica which she joined back in 2011. She is a reporter and a writer who majors on the handling of civil rights issues.
Nikole articles explain the problem of racial prejudices by Trump. The article talks about Trump to be campaigning as a champion of rights for the people of color which Nikole views as just mere political propaganda. She supports her view with an explanation of how Trump has been telling his supporters how black and the entire minority groups in America are terrorists and rapist. Nikole also looks at how Republican-led presidents have for many years discriminated black community. Nikole is of the opinion that though even other Democratic Party presidents have not done much for the black community, but Trump led administration might do worse for them.
Nikole’s article shares the same content with Mark Wilson article on Racism in America whereby Mark argues that it will only take heaven for the Trump led Administration to take the issues facing black community seriously. Nikole’s article is more relevant based on the fact that it also explores the history of how and why the majority of blacks support Democratic Party.
O’Harrow, R. “Trump’s bad bet: How too much debt drove his biggest casino aground.” The Washington Post August.( 2016)
Robert O’Harrow Jr. is an author and a reporter. He works for The Washington Post as a journalist on the investigative unit.
Robert’s article gives a history about the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City which Donald Trump maneuvered his ways to take control of it back in 1987 and making it his private company the moment the owner of the company died. The article explains that by April 1990, Trump was already a wanted man by the courts, his casino company failed to pay debts it owed to bondholders. The article points out the GOB debates where most of his opponents and group of journalist questioned how he would be trusted with public funds after he lost hundreds of millions dollars in the casino business. The article quotes Trump rejecting such questions by his opponent’s and affirming that he cannot use the law of the country for personal gain.
Robert O’Harrow article seems unique. The casino business is one of the businesses that Trump engaged in which were not highly in the public domain. Therefore, this article is more useful and provides strong information with regards to Trump’s past business engagements.

Chris, F. “Donald Trump and the mob.” CNN Politics March,( 2015)
Chris Frates is an author and a reporter. He works as a correspondent with the CNN investigation units a position he rose in 2013. Frates exclusively reports in-depth stories for all CNN.
Frates’ article looks into the connection between Trump’s glittering empire and the mob. The article alleges that Trump’s Empire was built through the assistance from some of the mob who had the very dark background. The article talks about the allegation by Barrett in his 1992 unauthorized biography concerning Trump where he alleges that Trump business had a connection with the underworld. The article question how Trump made the billions of dollar, and factors that helped him make them. According to the article, Trump did not respond to these allegations, neither did his spokesperson. Frates alleges that even Barrett read some sanitizer motive behind such price. Frates also write in his article about the allegation of bribery that was placed on Trump in 1979 even though the federal investigations did not lead to any criminal charges.
Frates article shares same concerns raised by Peter Johnson. Peter’s article touched on the issue of dubious relationship that Trump had with people of doubted characters. Frate’s article is such significance because it exposes questionable characters that Trump engaged with in some of his business dealings.

John Cassidy. “How Long Will The Trump Bull Market Last?” THE NEW YORKER March, (2017)
John Cassidy is a British-North American journalist who previously had work as an editor at The Sunday Times. Currently he John Cassidy is a staff writer at The New Yorker.
John Cassidy’s article questions whether the Trump Bull Market will ever last as compared with Obama’s. Cassidy in his article explains that it is during the Obama reign that the market received the majority of gains. He further explains that since Trump was elected as the President, the DOW has tacked on more than twelve percent with the just previous week the Market closing above twenty-one thousand for the first time. Cassidy explains that Donald Trump on his part view the happenings in false ways based on what he posted on his Twitter handle. Though there are some people, who believe in what Trump says, Cassidy doubts every of such belief.
John Cassidy’s opinion on the future of Trump Bull Market resembles opinion. Trump reign will automatically kill the Bull Market suppose the intimidations being peddled by his government will continue to be practiced. The best thing to being done is to reduce the overvalued markets and revert levels to levels that are justified by economic fundamentals.

Jeffrey Kucik and Rajan Menon. “What Trump Gets Wrong About the WTO.” FOREIGN AFFAIRS March, (2017) 23-25.
Jeffery Kucik and Rajan Menon are journalists with adverse experience in writing of Newspapers and blogs in the English language around the world. Currents they write a column on Foreign Affairs Newspaper.
Both Jeffry and Rajan questions the possibility of President Trump fulfilling his campaign promise of bringing back the jobs for the Americans by adopting his ‘American First’ policy. This policy was to be a reality once Trump does away with world economic bodies like WTO, which he believes has continuously denied most American jobs. Their article explains the difficulties that the Trump’s administration will likely to face as a result of the commanding their trading partners to provide a conducive business environment with weak competitions only for American industries. They both believe that there will be an increase in prices for consumer due to imposing of tax by the Americans companies on consumers.
Edwin Josephs, Winnie Williams and Donald Bruce shares the same sentiments by Jeffrey and Rajan. The three authors also believe that Trumps gets it wrong on the issue of World Trade Organization (WTO). Jeffrey and Rojans’ article is more important as it explains the dangers that lay ahead about stand that Trump’s administration has with WTO.
Anthony Zurcher. “Is Trump’s immigration order legal?” BBC NEWS Feb. (2017)
Anthony Zurcher is a North American reporter for the BBC News, who is involved in covering the United States of America’s politics.
Anthony article’s questions the legality of the Trump’s order on the immigrations laws. Anthony looks at how difficult Trump’s had difficulty with his Justice Department before his order on the immigration laws. Anthony explains that firing of the acting US Attorney General Sally Yates was due to her questioning of the legality of the immigration ban. Anthony explains that most lawyers within Trump’s administration also questions the motive behind the speed at which the executive order was put in place. Anthony explains that when the matter was challenged in the courts, on February 3rd, 2017, a judge in Seattle suspended the Trump’s order pending a trial on its merits..
Anthony’s article shares the same sentiments with Sonam Seth who questions the powers that presidency has when it comes to passing executive orders. Sonam believes that Trump error with the immigration order that he signed that requires all immigrants to be vetted. Anthony’s article is significant since it is elaborated on the Trump’s order on immigration.

David Freedlander. “Will This Man Take Down Donald Trump?” POLITICO Magazine Feb. (2017) pg16-19
David Freedlander is a former senior political correspondent with The Daily Beast a position he held till he stepped down in the year 2015. Currently, David works with Politico Magazines.
David talks about a man named Eric Schneiderman who had been squaring off with Donald Trump for some years. Both met in 2010 when Erick was running for New York Attorney General Post with Trump still was in his Pre-Birther, a reality TV host phase. Erick tried to request for financial aid from Trump which Trump decline and instead he supported one of Erick’s closest rival in the Democratic Party but Erick won. The article reports that Erick opened a case for Trump regarding Trump University though Trump attempted to rubbish the claim on the ground that Erick was suing him after he failed to sponsor him in the elections. In his case, David explains that Trump University was illegally operating and he had several issues concerning the University.
Tessa Berenson shares the same sentiments by David though David’s article is more elaborative about raising the issue that was questionable under the Trump University. Additionally, the article raises more explanations concerning the history of Trump before his entry in the political field.

David M Jackson. “Trump dubious about sanctions on Russia for hacking.” USA TODAY. December, (2016)
David M Jackson is a reporter and currently, he is working for the USA TODAY where is main task is to cover issues that take place in the White House.
David M. Jackson’s article talks about the skeptical nature of Donald Trump with regards to the idea that Russia should face sanction for the hacking of the United States presidential elections. The article talks about how previously Donald Trump had disputed the government claim that Russia had hacked the email accounts of the Democratic Party officials to help him win the Presidential election. The article quotes Trump lamenting that it is the computer that has complicated lives of the people to the extent that people do not know what is going on. According to him he does not see anything wrong why Russia should be blamed for the accusations that are being labeled against them.
Jackson’s article shares the same thoughts with Kate Conger article which also shades light on the hacking of the election. This explains that Jackson’s article is an important article as it elaborates more concerning the hacking of the Presidential election database which supposedly will be proved to be true; it might interfere negatively with President Trump.
Matthew Nussbaum and Tara Palmeri. “Trump can’t stop obsessing about the Clintons.” POLITICO,Feb.( 2017)
Matthew Nussbaum is a White House reporter with POLITICO. Previously he had covered the federal budget and appropriations process. Tara Palmeri just like Matthew Nussbaum is a White House reporter for POLITICO.
In their article, Matthew and Tara explain how President Trump regularly backs at Clintons whenever he is pressured with political matters. Both authors are trying to gauge what motive that pushes Trump to always behave in such a way. They think that maybe Trump is trying to divert attentions from the possible investigations concerning his relationship with Russia on the hacking of the presidential election. The two authors quote Trump’s Twit directed to Clinton’s campaign team over the various contact with the Russians. Matthew and Tara explain that though Clinton have remained silent on reacting to Trump’s Twits but silently she celebrates the traumas that befall Trump’s administration.

Adam Davidson. “The Problems with Trump’s D.C. Hotel Deal Aren’t Going Away.” THE NEW YORKER March, (2017) 12-14
Adam Davidson is a staff writer based at the New Yorker. He covers business, technology, and economic issues within the United States.
Adam Davidson’s article looks into the opinions by a majority of the leading experts on President Trump involvement in leasing his Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C which is located in a building owned by the federal government. From the article, the experts explain that the President should not make money from a federal contract since that will bring about conflict of interest. Though the experts advocate for non-involvement of President Trump in the contract, some lawyers argue otherwise. The article quotes some lawyers saying that some aspects of American laws legally support President Trump in keeping the contract that involves his Hotel. The article quotes one of the firm advocators of Trump’s involvement in his Hotel business, Kevin M. Terry explaining that he sees no wrong in Trump’s engagement in his Hotel business since he is not in any managerial position.
The article by Adam Davidson seems to be unique. The article seems to be more significant has it also interprets the opposition by other personalities’ regarding the relationship between government officials and their private business as a conflict of interest might prevail.
Michael Scherer. “Can President Trump Handle the Truth?” TIME Magazine March, (2017)
Michael Scherer is the current Time’s Washington Bureau Chief a position he has held since 2013. He is majorly concerned with overseeing political coverage in both the magazine and online platform.
In his article, Michael Scherer questions the ability of President Donald Trump’s ability to handle the truth as compared with the previous presidents of the United States. Michael explains in his article that generations of American kids have always learned the legendary tale of young George Washington, who bravely admitted to his father over his action of chopping down cherry tree tough he knew the consequences that would have followed. Such actions by George Washington made the successive presidents and the entire leadership of the United States to always stand up for truth at all cost. As for the President Trump case, Michael’s article explains his ability to stand for truth has been in question since the onset of his campaign period.
The sentiments by Michael are similar with Robert O’Harrow’s article where he also questions the ability of Trump to stand for the Truth. Michael articles also seem valuable as it reveals several occasions where Trump have fails to admit his wrongly alluded words when re-questioned.
Philip Gordon. “A Vision of Trump at War.” FOREIGN AFFAIRS March, (2017) 53-56.
Philip Gordon is an American diplomat and foreign policy expert. He is a columnist with the Foreign Affairs Magazines where he writes on issues that rotate around the presidency.
Philip Gordon’s article questions the vision which President Donald Trump has with War matters under foreign policies. The article explains that it is only the impulsive, combativeness and recklessness which featured in Trump’s election campaign which still survives into the transition of the presidency. Since his inauguration, Gordon explains that Trump has remained to make challenges to accepted norms, break with diplomatic traditions and always respond to perceived provocations of slights which come with insult or threats. Philip ascertains that it seems President Trump want to firmly establish his reputation for volatility as a method of making his enemies accept his demands.
Sentiments by Philip are shared by both Jeffrey Kucik and Rajan Menon in their article where they question why Trump seems to be getting it wrong with the WTO which entails international relationships that America have with other Nations around the globe. The significant aspect of Philips article is that is elaborate much on the same foreign affairs policies.
Oren Dorell. “Trump’s business network reached alleged Russian mobsters.” USA TODAY March, (2017).
Oren Dorell is a journalist who covers all breaking news and foreign affairs issues. He is said to have visited Lower 48 and dozens of countries where he covers disasters, crime and revolution happenings.
In his article, Oren Dorell alludes that Trump’s business network had a connection with the Russian mobster who had been accused of engaging in criminal acts such as money laundering. For instance, Oren’s article reveals that a member of the Russian firm who developed the Trump SoHo Hotel based in the New York was an ex-felon convict who had to spend one year in prison for stabbing a man and after his release scouted for Trump Investments in Russia. Such peculiar relationship between Trump’s business and Russian based tycoons seems to have also played a key role in the hacking of the American presidential elections as FBI director acknowledged in the article.
Sentiments by Oren Dorell seem to resemble David Jackson who in his article examines the relationship that Russia had with President Trump before his election. The significant aspect of Oren Dorell’s article is that it elaborates a lot on the fundamental relationship that Trump build with wealthy questionable Russian people.

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