In your own words, contrast terrestrial and Jovian planets.


Question 7
In your own words, contrast terrestrial and Jovian planets. 200 WORDS
Question 8
In your own words, explain why Pluto was “demoted” to a dwarf planet. 200 WORDS
Question 9
In your own words, briefly describe how a black hole forms. 200 WORDS
Question 10
How is Earth unique as compared to other planets in our solar system? How is it similar? And finally, what geologic information might we obtain by visiting Mars or Venus that would be similar to what we see on Earth? 200 WORDS

Part I: It has been stated that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do the oceans. Compare what you have learned in Unit V with this Unit. Do you think, as a nation, we should invest more resources in space exploration or in ocean exploration? Why? Support your answer.

Part II: Briefly describe one thing (from discussion boards, assessments, or readings) you learned in this class that will probably stick with you for a long time. Was there a topic that you struggled with? 200 WORDS
Business Class 200 words
Part I: We value your opinion and use this information to improve our courses at CSU. What is your opinion of this course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvement of this course for future students? What concept did you find most applicable to your field of study or career goals?

Part II: Identify a strategic management skill that you learned or acquired in this course, and explain how you would apply it to improve success in your career in a real-world scenario.

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