Identify at least three (3) types of exploitation that prevalently occur over the Internet. Next, give your opinion of whether you believe that the current primary federal laws are efficient in combatting the types of Internet exploitation in question.

Discussion 1
“Internet Exploitation and Primary Federal Law” Please respond to the following:
From the e-Activity, select two (2) types of online traps that have the most adverse impact on children. Next, speculate on one (1) way not discussed in the article in which parents or society can protect children from online exploitation. Provide a rationale for your response.
Identify at least three (3) types of exploitation that prevalently occur over the Internet. Next, give your opinion of whether you believe that the current primary federal laws are efficient in combatting the types of Internet exploitation in question. Justify your response.

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Sadera Simpson
RE: Week 6 Discussion

Hello Everyone,
The two type of online traps that have the most impact. Which are many, The two that I think are:
Social Network

Me being a parent and being into Social media, I don’t think it’s appropriate for a child to be on social media. So much is posted on these social networks. From sex to, drugs, just too much that can corrupt them. People talk about These Social Medias around the children, which makes them become more interested in it.  In the E-activity it talked about talking with your child about what to post and what not to post. I wouldn’t advise parents to let them have it at all, not only are they expose to sex and drugs. But that’s where cyberbullying also occurs. Talking in schools, mentor programs about what can happened being on social media, you never hear about those types of things in school. The more you talk about the effect something has, it may can help or save a child.
The 3 different types of Internet exploitation
Sex trafficking
Child pornography
In my opinion I believe they try to do what they can. As time goes on these crimes are getting worse, more sex trafficking with children, child pornography. I also believe maybe more could be done, if there was a way in computer systems to catch someone right away when dealing with these types of crimes.
Discussion 2
Homicide and “Born Alive” Requirement” Please respond to the following:
From the e-Activity, give your opinion of Jack Kevorkian’s saying, “dying is not a crime,” and analyze the manner in which his actions rose to the level of homicide. Provide one (1) example of his actions that meet the elements of a homicide.
View the following video of a real assisted suicide on Swiss TV any ethical issue(s) you believe may arise from the video.
Review State v. Lamy, 969 A.2d 451 (N.H. 2009) and the born alive requirement that are discussed in Chapter 10 of the text, determine one (1) ethical issue that may arise from social debate as a result of the requirement in question. Next, speculate upon one (1) approach that the court could take in order to address the ethical issue in question. Justify your response.

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Maida Rangel
My opinion on Jack Kevorkian’s statement is that causing death is a crime but dying naturally is not a crime.  The people Jack Kevorkian killed, most of them were not ill but they were mentally depressed.  These patients could have been counseled through some physiological treatments
The issue of State v Lamy, and the born alive rule requirement raised some serious questions.  An approach that courts will take is to have a standard and way of defining contradicting situations.  So, when a person kills a pregnant woman, they are killing two people.  Court can define that life begins after conception.
Referenced: Textbook
Discussion 3
Hi Class,
I think we can all agree that the worst criminal justice FAIL is executing an innocent man. (Fail is too mild of a word.)  Yet, that is just what happens with some frequency, and happened to Dr. Hawley Crippen for the 1910 conviction of murdering his wife.
Write a one-paragraph summary of the video with your reflections on its significance for criminal justice.
What are your thoughts upon viewing this video?

Thank you,
Please also reply to the student
Laquana Walters
Executed in Error

I have read about this case in the past, and I must say I still believe the doctor’s actions speak more to his guilt than innocence. I believe he killed the person found at his residence, whether it was his wife or not.  And if it wasn’t his wife, how come Cora was never seen again?  DNA apparently disputes the body was his wife, but the fact remains, there was a body found at his residence. American Dr. Hawley Crippen was accused of murdering his wife, Cora,  with poison, dismembering her body, and hiding it under the basement floor in 1910 in England. He then moved his mistress into the home.  After Cora’s disappearance, the doctor also lied about her whereabouts, telling law enforcement she had gone back to America.  His mistress was wearing Cora’s clothes and jewelry. He had often used the poison found in the body. He fled the country. His actions were very suspicious after the disappearance.  However, if they couldn’t definitively prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was his wife, and at that time they really scientifically could not, that alone should have prevented Dr. Crippen from being executed.   I believe he was guilty of killing whoever was found at his home.  However, I have reservations about the death penalty.  Obviously, there is a chance he was innocent, and one innocent person executed, is one too many.

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