How do teachers meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom?

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February 19, 2017

How do teachers meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom?
According to the teacher, differential instruction is the main technique used by teachers when handling diverse classrooms. He continues by saying that technique is used to ensure that all students in class get all they need. A teacher with a DI skills has power to differentiate all ways for all learners. The differentiation is very important since it units and harmonies the relationship between teachers and students the teacher stated. According to the interviewee in differentiated instruction technique collects content, product, and process. He added that students in through this system is meant to lean basing on the facts such as readiness, learning profile and interests. He argues that, the teacher is meant to ensure that all aspects are in place for the students in class from diverse backgrounds to understand all aspects being explain in school (Brookfield, 2015). The instructions provided in the learning process vary depending on the need of the students.
Look for evidence of the teacher’s commitment to work with all students.
The teacher mentioned some evidences that can show the teacher is either committed or not. The first evidence he gave is the type of relationship established between students and the teacher in question. According to him, a good teacher knows each and every student and associates with them effectively he stated that good teacher-student relationship signifies teachers’ commitment to his/her work. Another evidence of the teacher that he stated that it can be evidence of commitment is the performance of the students (Salend, 2015). He added that the students performs well in areas that the teachers instructs, it indicates that the teachers is working hard. He argued that because education is a two way thing where students and teachers takes’ respective responsibility. The number of students instructed by each teacher can be another evidence that a teacher is committed. Finally he concluded that teaching a large number of students needs a lot of sacrifice and commitment and this can be one of the evidences.

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