Discuss the three principles of effective correctional intervention and how they work.

The information for this exam can be found in the textbook and reading list provided for the class.  However, outside materials and research is encouraged.  Your answers should be well thought out and documented in APA format and submitted in blackboard through safe-assign. The final exam is a major part of your grade  and each question should be a short essay reflecting the grade you wish to receive in the course. The exam is due on May 6, 2017 via blackboard and can be submitted twice.  You need to download the attached Exam and you will upload your answers.This is a Safe Assignment; this means your work will be submitted through the originality checker.  You should not have more than 15% unoriginal work excluding citations, references and titles. You are limited to no more than THREE direct quotes. This should be your own work. Under no circumstances will I accept emailed assignments as this circumvents the safe assign originality check.  I am giving you two attempts to submit your work.




3) Current research supports the notion that rehabilitation can work for offenders (e.g. see Cullen & Gendreau, 2000 and Gendreau, 1996).  Discuss the three principles of effective correctional intervention and how they work.  Evidenced-based correction program is the key as explained in your textbook (Latessa).

4)  You have just been appointed Secretary of Corrections for North Carolina and have been called to address the legislature about the present status of correction.  What are the major challenges you face and possible solutions.  The solution should address offenders who enter and those who leave correctional in North Carolina and should be based on effective based programs.

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