Discuss the intermediate effects of advertising. Provide examples.

Discussion Forum – Advertising’s New Medium


Answer both questions in your initial discussion forum posting by Thursday.  Your comments will be scored based on both answers (50%-50%).  Your two response postings (due Sunday), however, do not need to address both topics.

Discussion Question 1

Read the article “Advertising’s New Medium” and answer the following.

The main objective of marketing communications (i.e. advertising) is often assumed to be to make sales. However, research suggests that other important advertising effects need to be considered in the advertising strategy. Discuss the intermediate effects of advertising. Provide examples.

Discussion Question 2

The global advertising industry has experienced major consolidation, with a few large communication companies controlling most major advertising, public relations, research, and digital marketing services. Visit the websites of the communications groups WPP (Links to an external site.)Omnicom Group (Links to an external site.)Interpublic Group (Links to an external site.), and Saatchi & Saatchi (Links to an external site.). Based on the information provided about these companies, create a list of factors that global marketers should consider when working with the agencies to create a global advertising campaign and provide advertising services in major countries. Discuss your reasoning.

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