Discuss the characteristics of a good parent, effective leader, or successful public servant:

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In this course, you will learn the writing process by working on an argumentative essay using one of the topic choices listed below. The essay you will write for this course will not use outside research and will instead be entirely comprised of your own original ideas.

Prior to posting to the Discussion Board, you will select your essay topic from the list below, keeping in mind that you want to choose a topic that you can write about without having to conduct outside research.

Topic Choices

Characteristics of a good parent, effective leader, or successful public servant:
For your essay, you will select a good parent, effective leader, or successful public servant and define his or her values, qualities, and behaviors in your own words. After defining, you will then argue which 3 characteristics are the most necessary to be a good parent, effective leader, or successful public servant.
Characteristics of a successful student in an online classroom:
For your essay, you will explain what values, habits, and characteristics contribute to a student’s successful experience in an online class, and then you will argue which 3 characteristics or habits are the most essential for students to achieve success in an online classroom.
Select your own topic:
For your essay, you may choose a topic of interest to you that is not listed above, but your topic must be approved by your instructor. Keep in mind that your essay must make an argument, and it must come from your own original ideas, so avoid a topic that requires research. The topic cannot be too broad, and it must be arguable.

Primary Discussion Board Post

Complete the following for this assignment:

Briefly introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates.
List which topic you would like to use for your final essay from the choices above. If you choose to select your own topic, then you should list your topic choice, being very specific about what you would like to argue.
List three initial ideas that you might discuss and argue in your essay

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