Develop an ad using either print media or electronic media.

Students will design an ad for their product or service and explain their design. Details and the grading rubric will be distributed in class.


You are required to develop an ad using either print media or electronic media. Your ad should be attractive. Determine who your customers are. In your essay, thoroughly discuss your ad, why you selected your ad, and why your ad will be effective.



I already have my service that we need to advertise. I uploaded the document about it. So for this assignment make an ad based on that service.





Ad and Essay Rubric Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Nears Standards Needs work
Ad Presentation and Creativity. Thorough info Presentation Presentation lacks info. Poor presentation. Lack info.
Essay Essay is thorough, understandable, and relevant Essay is understandable and relevant Essay is relevant Essay is not thorough, understandable and relevant




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