Describe your response to Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart, describe the setting of this novel.

Please describe your response to Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart by answering all questions in the following context:

Relevance of the Novel’s Title: Where did Achebe get this title from for his novel and why do you think he selected this title? Do you think the title appropriately matches the tone and content of this novel? Do you think there is a metamorphosis in this novel as Kafka described in his work titled The Metamorphosis?

Setting – Describe the setting of this novel. Is there a particular reason that Achebe selected this location? Does the setting of the village scene impact the plot of the novel and the actions of the main protagonists? Does the setting change appropriately as things begin” to fall apart” in the village? Describe the events and circumstances of this transition and explain the changes in the characters in the novel as this chronological movement slowly takes over as Things Fall Apart. Clearly describe the cultural and social characteristics portrayed in the setting and how these characteristics impact the plot and characters in the novel.

Characterization: Do you think Okonkwo is a dynamic character? Why do you think he has been portrayed the way he has been? Describe Okonkwo’s relationship with his father. Do you think he was a victim of circumstances? Does Okonkwo’s angry and cynical attitude bring any meaning to the plot? Describe the changes in his personality as the novel progresses and how these changes impact the plot. Please pay particular emphasis to the changes in his personality as Ikemefuna comes and goes out of his life. What kind of relationship does Okonkwo share with his family members and how does this impact the story of this novel? Please compare or contrast Okonkwo with any one or more characters that you have read about this semester in this course.

Ending- did you expect the novel to end the way it did? Do you agree that it was a satisfactory ending? Was there an appropriate closure to the sequence of events at the end of the novel? Do you think that things really fell apart in the novel or is that how Okonkwo perceived the change? Would you have liked the novel to end differently?

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