Create lesson plans that use mobile technology to attain required standards/objectives


Evaluating Lesson Plans that Utilize Mobile Technology

Most teachers and prospective teachers will have some experience with Lesson Plans.  Some of the students in this class may not.  The Student Learning Outcomes for this course include:

A.  Demonstrate integration of mobile technology into curriculum projects

C.  Create lesson plans that use mobile technology to attain required standards/objectives

This assignment introduces more about lesson plans and lesson plans that integrate technology.  This is background for later adding technology to a lesson plan.



Part 1 of 3:  Check out this lesson plan:


Keep it handy.  You will need it to complete the following:

* * *          * * *

Part 2 of 3:  Summary:  The goal for this second part is to look at some lesson plan rubrics (rubrics that judge lesson plans), do some research on your own to find any other lesson plan rubrics, and then taking what you consider to be the most important parts from all (and possibly adding something you think they left out) – CREATE your own rubric that includes a minimum of 6 (six) categories.  You will then evaluate the lesson linked above in part 1 using your lesson plan rubric.

You will be uploading both a) your blank lesson plan rubric and b) your lesson plan rubric filled out to evaluate the lesson plan linked in part 1.


Directions:  Look at the following Lesson Plan Rubrics that have been shared on the Internet.  Read through them especially to see the categories they are evaluating (such as “objectives” “standards” “technology”  “assessment”  “collaboration”  “assessment”  “integration of technology” – etc.)



Neither of these rubrics is necessarily perfect for evaluating this or any other particular lesson plan.  This is just a starting point.

Using these two forms and ONE more lesson plan rubric YOU find online (and list for this assignment), please do the following:  (hint:  search for “lesson plan rubric” or maybe even “lesson plan rubric + technology”)

Directions continued:

1)  List the URL of the lesson plan rubric you found

2)  Create a list by selecting categories that you feel are important to include on a lesson plan rubric (to evaluate a lesson plan).   

(So now – using all three resources – the two linked rubrics and one you find online – create for yourself a simple list and add the categories you think should be on a lesson plan evaluation rubric; delete anything you think isn’t necessary, and just make your own LIST which will be your new lesson plan evaluation rubric (that should in some way include technology use or integration).



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